Dave's 2018 NCAA Pool

Last Update: 03/23/18 07:25 AM

NCAA Basketball Links

Here's some links for researching your picks, updates on games, teams, conferences, etc.:


CBS Sportsvision - My favorite; you can get a free account and customize the pages to highlight your favorite (or despised) teams.
ESPN - This site also allows customization to track your favorite teams.
Sports Illustrated - limited stories unless you spring for premium access.


CBS Sportsvision - Filter by Top 25 or a specific conference; game tracker available to give near-life statistics on any given game.
ESPN - also allows game tracker (not as current as CBS) or live broadcast (via broadband) for a fee


CBS Sportsvision - Gives AP, Coaches, CBS' version of the RPI, and their own poll
ESPN Polls - Gives AP and Coaches polls as of any week of the season
Sagarin Ratings - Updated daily for computerized team rankings
Greenfield Ratings - Updated daily for computerized team rankings.  This is broken down by home, away, conference, record against top teams, and more. 
ESPN Bracketology - Joe Lunardi's prediction of the NCAA pairings

Conference Standings

ESPN - providing each team's performance against Top 25 teams; find the conference you want on this page, then click the "Expanded Standings" link

Team Information

CBS Sportsvision - good team-specific pages, giving access to schedules, conference standings, statistics, rosters, and related stories


You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader software to open many of the linked files.  You can download it for free from this link.