Dave's 2018 NCAA Pool

Last Update: 03/23/18 07:25 AM

Pool Rules

Fox Trot


$10 per entry to Dave Gibson – submit up to six entries per person, and invite friends and coworkers – the more the merrier.  (Almost all of the winners in preceding years had multiple entries.)  You must use my automated brackets, which will be available through the link above once the pairings are announced.  All entries must be entered before the first game begins on Thursday, March 15 (approximately 11:00 AM CST).

To transmit entry fees please note that my mailing address is 814 Snowhill Ct., Glen Ellyn, IL  60137.

Play-in Games (Round 1)

Four of the 64 tournament teams will be determined by play-in games, that are being called Round 1 by the NCAA.  These 4 games will determine the 16th seeds in two of the regionals, as well as two yet unknown seeds.  Choosing those games is not part of the pool.  Until these games are over, my entry form will randomly choose one of the teams to advance to the final 64 teams.  If you want to choose either play-in team to advance in the tournament, select the one I show.  If either of the play-in teams advances, I'll give you credit for it.


The pot will be split into two equal “pools:”

  • One pool will be scored awarding one point for each correct game, with 63 possible points.

  • The other pool will be scored allocating 32 points per round, resulting in 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 points for each game in rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, respectively.  This pool has a total potential score of 192 points.

The same entry may win both pools. Ties within a pool will split the prize money – no tiebreakers. I will add 2nd and 3rd place awards to each pool if we receive enough entries, with the splits as follows:

# of Entries

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place

0 – 59




60 – 109




110 or more




For example, if we have 120 entries, the total prize pool will be $1,200, with the following distribution:

Place Straight Method Progressive Method

1st Place

$390 $390

2nd Place

$150 $150

3rd Place

$60 $60

Standings / Entries

Standings will only be posted on the internet at www.davegibson.net/ncaa/ (not printed and distributed).  Individual entries will also be posted here.  You should visit this site to determine if your picks have been entered correctly before the action begins.  I will send emails when the standings are updated to those providing their addresses.  If you’d rather not receive the email reminders, just let me know.


You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader software to open many of the linked files.  You can download it for free from this link.